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The e-bike service for hotels

How it works

Always on site, and with a fully digital rental process, Bicelo is the premium e-bike service for hotels and hotel guests. Enjoy the freedom of getting around by e-bike, and make the most of the stay with tailored in-app guides.

The app

Download the Bicelo app and start a ride on up to 4 e-bikes simultaneously. Use the pause/lock function for any stops along the way, and pay securely via Stripe once back in the hotel parking zone.

Download the app on Android and IOS

Bicelo QR code

The ride

Light, agile and fun to ride
25km/h top assisted speed
Slick one-size-fits-all design
Great loading capabilities
Hydraulic disc brakes for safety

Digital guides

With our in-app hotel specific guides we’ve identified top things to see and do at the destination, ranging from the common must-see tourist attractions to the more hidden gems.

Where to find us

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