Bicelo is an e-bike rental service for hotel guests that want to explore the city or nearby attractions in a fun, effective and eco-friendly manner.

Our promise is to deliver a premium service for your guests, with minimal impact on your daily operations, and at no cost for the hotel.

How it works

With Bicelo you can let your guests enjoy an effortless and fun ride on a premium e-bike. We place the e-bikes at your hotel for free, and to use the service your guests simply download the Bicelo App. We take care of the whole rental process from unlocking the e-bike to taking payment and support. We only need you to charge the batteries over night as all other maintenance and service is handled by our skilled mechanics.  

"Once we decided on a good spot for the ebikes it was all plug and play, and for us being able to offer a really great service with so little involvement from our side has been fantastic”

Andreas Cavalius,
Vice President
Business Development
Nobis Hospitality Group
"We’ve included the charging of the batteries in our night routine, which has ensured that all ebikes are charged and ready for our guests every morning."

Sara Ståhl,
Front Desk Manager
Clarion Hotel Stockholm
Nordic Choice

"Requests for bikes have steadily increased among our guests, and for us having the opportunity to deliver on that demand without all the challenges of running our own rental operation is really great"

Caroline Sturesson,
Room Division Manager
Ystad Saltsjöbad
Bicelo Frame

Our e-bike

With over 10 years experience from the bike industry, we have custom built the perfect e-bike to explore a city with. Young, old, short, tall, man or woman – within seconds they will all enjoy the excitement of riding an e-bike built with premium components, extraordinary comfort and fine design details.

Bicelo screenshots
Bicelo screenshots
Bicelo screenshots
Bicelo screenshots

The app

Share the Bicelo App with your guests, and let them take care of the rest. They can unlock and start rides on up to 4 e-bikes simultaneously, use the pause/lock function for lunch and tourist attractions, and finally end their ride session back in the hotel’s parking zone. All payments are securely processed via Stripe.

Download the app on Android and IOS

Bicelo QR code
Front Rack Bicelo

Service and support

Our skilled fleet of mechanics will handle all maintenance and service on a regular basis. Any issues are easily reported by the rider via the Bicelo App, and our multilingual support team will handle all support tickets within minutes. Our support also works pre-actively with follow-ups if a rider’s log does not look right.


As founders of the Swedish bicycle company BIKEID, we have more than 10 years experience in producing, marketing and selling bicycles worldwide. With a design driven focus and high-end product thinking, we’ve poured our shared knowledge into Bicelo and developed the perfect e-bike for hotel guests. Our pre-emptive strategy thinking in production development and assembly, minimizes future issues so that our service can run smoothly day in and day out.

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