How much does it cost?

The price is displayed on a banner when you launch the Bicelo app. You can also click on any of the bike icons on the start screen

What if I want to pause my ride?

If you want to stop for a lunch/coffee or museum visit you use the Pause ride-function in the app and lock the bike. Always use the plug-in chain and lock the bike to another object to prevent theft.

How do I return my bike?

To end your ride session you need to return to the parking zone at the hotel and lock your bike. Please follow the animation in the app on how to close the lock shackle.

What if the bike gets stolen?

Your are not responsible for a stolen bike if it's in pause or parking mode and locked correctly with the plug-in chain. If you abandon your bike when it's activated you may be responsible for a stolen bike. You may also be responsible for a stolen bike if you don't end your ride within operational hours e.i. return your vehicle to the hotel. The maximum fee for a stolen bike is 1000EUR/10 000SEK. Please read terms and conditions for more info. If the bike is stolen, please contact support.

What if the bike is damaged?

Your are only liable for damages not considered "normal wear and tear" caused by you. All damages shall be reported to us as soon as possible.

How long does the battery last?

A fully charged battery lasts between 50-90 km depending on which assist level you use. The ebike is still rideable even if you would run out of battery power but we strongly recommend that you plan your ride accordingly and keep an eye on the ebike display so you have enough power to return to the hotel. We do not offer any pick-up service if you run out of battery and you are always responsible to return the ebike to the parking zone of the hotel.

What if the bike can’t be ridden back to the parking zone?

If your bike is damaged/malfunctioning in such a way that you can't ride it back to the hotel, please contact support.

Can I add multiple rides?

You can add up to 3 more rides for one user by clicking on the + icon in the top left corner of the Bicelo app. Please note that you need to end every ride when returning to the hotel parking area.

What are the operational hours?

The operational hours may vary from hotel/location but standard hours are between 07:00-23:00.

I can’t scan the QR code?

To start a ride without scanning the ebikes QR code, you simply click on any of the bike icons visible in the app at your hotel. You can also start a ride by typing the vehicle name that is printed below the QR code on the ebike.

Where can I park my bike?

You can always pause and park your ride if you want to take a break - but always use the plug-in chain and lock your bike to a solid structure like a lamp post or steel fence to prevent theft.

If you want to lock your bike and end your ride seesion you need to be back at the hotel where you started your ride. Your hotels parking area is clearly marked in the app.